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I am sure you have already heard this by now. There is plenty of excitement among crypto news websites that Samsung S10 is providing some kind of blockchain key store capability. Here are some article references available on the web [1,2,3]

If we for a moment suspend all the hype and look at it purely from a technology capability and evolution, I am beginning to think that this should be totally an expected direction of travel. I believe there are already a few phones who offer similar features. If history is any guide, let’s think back to the early days of a mobile phone, did anyone expect it to take up the role of a camera, music player, scanner, cash/credit cards(via mobile wallets), banking access? Our mobile phones today are incredibly feature rich and continuously improving as well. The key players should be expected to add capabilities that would serve a niche audience of crypto enthusiasts as well as make a play to ensure they can serve and expand on the rather early days of any block chain based payments ecosystem.

Imagine the possibilities this opens up? A hardware wallet on your phone storing stable coins or cryptos with ability to send and receive coins adds a layer of convenience. If there are apps that expand on these wallets, paying your friends in cryptos, remittances via a few clicks might all look like valid possibilities. Ease of use is a major factor in increasing adoption to cryptos, we have all seen what mobile apps have done for consumer shopping, it will be worth keeping an eye on this trend. Phone security would be a major issue as it continues to be today, but that would be a separate topic in its own right. And finally I admit this might not be anyone’s favourite storage solution for individuals with significant crypto wealth, but for the occasional enthusiast it’s a great way to experiment and make use of one of the oldest characteristics of money as a medium of exchange.

What does everyone think? Any comments and ideas are welcome.

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