Gardener’s Schedule for Beginners

Beginner steps to maintaining a garden and lawn

The concept of accidental gardener has never been more appropriate to me. Throughout my formative years living in cities, where flats and space are truly a premium it’s only when you move into a house in a quite suburb you realise you are getting a garden along as well. For me luckily, I have always had a love of nature and environment and this proved to be a great opportunity for me to learn new things and develop a new hobby and being dubbed “green fingers” at work for my troubles 🙂 Guess what, some of this physical activity is good for your health as well, who knew.

If you are like me with a busy life and lots of other family activities with just 2 – 3 hours to spare over the weekend then read-on please. I am going to talk about the basic things you would need to do to keep your plants, tress, shrubs and lawns healthy over an year. I would refer to some products but only because I use and trust them, I have no financial incentives or agreement with any of them. I also have to admit I am no expert here, so if any of you is a serious gardener and think i am doing something wrong, please reach out to me – I would appreciate your guidance.

Here is your activity calendar – I will be writing detailed blogs on some of these later

  • Watering – regular watering is required, especially during hot summer days. We are lucky here in the UK as we get regular rain & drizzles. Deep watering is better than shallow.
  • Nutritional needs – Compost, I prefer seaweed extract sprays and some slow release pellets sprinkled around the plants.
  • Protection – Plant invigorator sprays, specialist tonic for roses etc.
  • Pruning – Regular pruning of flowers , etc. After every growth season make sure that you trim all plants by 1/3rd of their size. Same for any large trees as well.
  • Lawn – needs occasional garden feed through the growth months, scarify lawn before applying feed and some lawn grass seeds. They need watering to settle down or time it with a rainy week. Mow the lawn on a regular basis
  • Weeds – I love this saying i have read – The best antidote to weeds is a gardener’s shadow. To be fair these are also just plants and nature abhors vacuum, so they grow everywhere. Set realistic expectations, there is no such thing as a weed free garden, but you can have a well maintained one by regularly removing weeds.
  • Raking – Before you apply any compost or food around any plants or shrubs make sure you clear leaves and debris around so that the soil can breathe a bit.
  • Tools – don’t forget your tools, always clean them after use and store. If you can apply some oil on a regular basis they will reward you with excellent utility years.
  • I have tried to use natural and safe products as much as possible to ensure that we keep the earth and the environment around us healthy.

There is no one specific website, but my sincere thanks to web pages and gardening forums where i slowly started learning this craft.

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