SAP Conference Notes 2019

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I recently attended a one day conference focussed around SAP – and my interest was in the data analytics and business intelligence space.


SAP analytics cloud is being positioned at a reasonable price point to push with adoption.

Experience Management is getting critical for companies – the SAP acquisition of qualtrics is a testimony to that.


  1. The SAP product suite is massive and they have loyal customers – you can see SAP investing heavily in the analytics and business intelligence space.
  2. For anyone familiar with or using an on-premise SAP Business Objects implementation – SAP cloud platform will start becoming an alternative. Based on some of the conference talks it looks like many companies take a hybrid approach by retaining their on-premise platform while getting started with SAP analytics cloud – with the eventual aspiration to move completely to it when the platform matures. As of this time, some of the standard enterprise reporting capabilities are not available on cloud.
  3. Data is key – it’s more important to get it right in terms of quality and governance first and then you get great value from your analytics efforts.
  4. Experience Metrics will start counting the same way as sales, revenue, prospects pipeline etc. for boards and senior management to assess performance of a company.

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