Financial Data & Innovation conference Day 2

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I recently attended this conference on financial data and innovation and wanted to highlight some key themes and findings I took away from it from Day 2

Data Science

There was this oft repeated stats in so many presentations where data scientists are spending 80% of their time in understanding where to get their data from, wrangle and cleanse it. A lot of vendors from market data providers to technology vendors and consultancies are now trying to provide platforms which allow data scientists to spend more of their time with actual modelling efforts.

Alt Data

I quite enjoyed how one speaker put it, it is just data. It’s Alt today and in a few years it will be mainstream. This is effectively data from the internet, social media, documents, capturing interactions within a company like chats, emails etc, satellite imagery, shipping and so on. It’s also interesting to note the level of public open data that’s available for any-one to get started and build skills in this arena.

It makes complete sense to consider this dataset as a product of the technological advancements in the last few decades in terms of devices, internet and our changed behaviours .

Some places to find data and useful resources

Responsible and Social Investment

A combination of laws for e.g French article 173 1, global conventions & multilateral efforts like UN sustainable development goals 2, EU sustainable goals 3 and public opinion have made ESG a key consideration for many investors, so investors need good data points to be able to answer at a proper granular level how their investments have an impact and help progression on such goals.

Some Interesting companies & links i came across in conversations or presentations




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