2021 – Interesting companies review

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Gowalla – This is a new company, a social AR game for different cities planned for 2021 – hopefully something the world can enjoy once people are safe and the pandemic is gone. The idea seems exciting, not sure how this will work – would people need special AR equipment to visit and enjoy?

Revenue: Company has just raised seed capital. It’s got some membership models for early adopters. I would imagine that eventually there would be a combination of subscriptions + marketing/advertisement opportunities for places, events which should provide a revenue stream. I wonder if they can tie-up with some AR equipment companies as well.



We have obrizum group limited who are focussed on learning and training and have a AI based learning platform. I think the definite focus for them is a B2B model, they want to offer services to corporations or organisations to train their employees. There is definitely a need to have small blocks of useful information to read/learn and a level of gamification really helps to compete. We also have linkedinLearning or Pluralsight which seem to also provide enterprise services and also serve individual users. It will be interesting if they will open up the platform for individual users as well.