Business and Entrepreneurship

I absolutely love the dynamism around any business and have a lot of respect for founders as well as employees who work to build enterprises that adds a lot of value to humanity as well as to the planet. In this page i am planning to write about new companies I have come across to understand what they do, what their business model is and any thoughts i have around new revenue ideas. I was inspired to do this by one of my managers who told me – if you look at any commercial enterprise and spend some time thinking about their revenue and profits and any possible new revenue streams that mind-set will help you support any company you build or work for to focus and deliver high impact work.

So i review the new companies to understand at a very high level – what’s their business model, what revenue streams exist and what new ones can be created? It also broadens my horizons and knowledge as I come across some exciting new ideas that are changing and shaping the world. I hope you enjoy reading these as well.

As always a big thanks to crunchbase which allows me to discover and read about some of the new companies that are emerging in the market.